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A Poet's Diary 1

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You can feel the pulsating energy and rich flow of emotions that grips you when you read A Poet’s Diary 1 by Dean Zeviar, formerly known as Earnest Navar Williams. The book creates riveting moments that any person in touch with their feelings will fully appreciate. The twists and the turns, the theme, and presentation of each poem will leave you gasping for more. It is a breathtaking show of excellence that is captured with the right rhythm. You can connect with the sublime mix of humor and the unique imageries that show all of life’s realities. This work takes you to a world that holds limitless possibilities. Get your copy now!

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About the Author

Dean Zeviar, formerly known as Earnest Navar Williams, is a poet and freelance publisher. He is part of the Michigan Writers group, and his book a star rating from Pacific Book Review. Physical, mental and emotional suffering became the journal that led to A Poet’s Diary 1.

Dean Zeviar was featured in Pacific Book Review’s Author Spotlight and Author Interview.

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The bus was hot when the vagabond paid his fare.
His clothes were shabby and torn from wear.
The image of a ragged old man dressed to ruin,
He was cloth with the smell of old dry urine.

The constellation of Virgo did not mark the chosen one’s birth.
In the heavens, Venus rising was not a sign of the chosen one’s worth.
At birth, there were no gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold.
The chosen ones were born poor, bold and cold.

I should have run when I had a chance.
However, I decided to dance.
She said I am her man repeatedly.
To some other, she said I am her friend,
To that end, the introduction has me hanging on every word.

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